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STL-IP for professional audio over IP networks and the Internet

audio over IP using LAN, WAN, Internet, Ethernet - professional live audio device for STL or IP codec applications

Professional Audio over IP for STL, Program Distribution and Live Studio connectivity over IP networks and the Internet...

AudioTX STL-IP for live robust audio over IP and STL over IP networks

AudioTX STL-IP products offer robust live audio - with
as little as 5ms delay and at up to 24bit, 96kHz audio!

N  E  T  W  O  R  K
A  U  D  I  O
Unparalleled reliability over any and all IP networks including the internet. The AudioTX STL-IP range is designed for broadcast use in Radio and TV and delivers transmission grade live audio over IP networks including LAN/WANs, Private leased lines, dedicated Telco networks, T1/E1, Satellite, Wireless (both WiFi & professional wireless networks) and the Internet. True 24/7/365 reliability, low delay and the highest possible audio quality.
Transmit and receive up to 24bit, 96kHz broadcast quality audio: single- or bi-directional, stereo or mono, Linear (uncompressed) or using a variety of built-in professional quality compression algorithms including MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3, near-lossless J.41 and DAT12, ADPCM, G.722 and MPEG4 AAC, AAC Low-Delay and HE-AAC v2 with the optional AAC Coding Pack for Stereo audio from just 14kbps! and APTx, OPUS and Lossless FLAC.!

The most reliable Live Audio over IP: a robust, broadcast-quality,
low-delay solution... the AudioTX STL-IP range


Designed for broadcast use in Radio and Television, AudioTX STL-IP product range is an easy to use, cost-effective solution to audio delivery over IP networks and the Internet. It is an established and proven product line with now over 10 years in the field and, new for 2014, a major upgrade in the STL-IP Plus with SureFlow technology. The STL-IP line is absolutely unique in offering the same quality, robustness and low delay as conventional audio circuits, but with the flexibility and low cost associated with using IP connectivity.

The highest audio quality

STL-IP products sound better. There, we've said it. STL-IP uses professional grade encoders designed for broadcast and professional audio use. Each coding algorithm is designed for us and tweaked to squeeze every last bit of quality out of your available bitrate. Each is exclusive to STL-IP. We offer a full range of audio options - from linear (uncompressed/PCM) through mathematically lossless coding types, near-lossless variants and perceptual codecs (like MPEG coding for example) and ADPCM variants including APTx. The difference in audio quality between STL-IP and other units is not small or subtle. It's obvious. Why not have a listen to our audio samples via the Hear It link at the top of the page.

The most reliable performance over the best and worst networks - and the Internet

AudioTX STL-IP was first released in 2004 and we've been supplying the world's leading broadcasters with solutions for audio over IP since 2000. That's from the time that others were still suggesting that IP and the Internet would never be suitable for broadcast use. The experience and know-how we have built-up over that period is included in every one of our products. We know, and our customers see for themselves, that if you put STL-IP head to head with other manufacturers' units on real-world networks, STL-IP wins hands-down, still delivering reliable audio on networks that other units find problematic. Still sounding good whilst the others are glitching and cutting out. Today, in 2014, you can still buy the original STL-IP from us - we call it the STL-IP Classic today - and it's still a cutting-edge product, continuously updated and refined. Or choose the STL-IP Plus which includes our SureFlow Technology... that's a system that can combine up to 5 truly independent, redundant streams, sent over one or more networks/connections and each stream can be independently encoded using different coding algorithms and bitrates to suit. At the receiving end, STL-IP Plus seamlessly checks, chooses, filters and fixes, picking from the best quality audio available down to each and every sample for perfect audio. And you can choose to add one of two grades of Forward Error Correction to any or all the individual streams, add a safety/jitter buffer of up to 60 seconds (yes you read that correctly) and then still choose from a whole host of backup audio options - from locally stored (and remotely updateable) audio files to alternate sending sources, web streams, or even locally available audio inputs. All in all it's as close to 100% reliability as it gets.

The lowest delay

When we talk of low delay, we mean it in simple and honest terms. AudioTX STL-IP delivers many audio types with just a 5ms delay. That's a real 5ms from the input of one device to the output of another and on a real-world network. That includes linear PCM audio, ADPCM, near-lossless J.41 and DAT 12, FLAC and others. We deliver Enhanced APTx audio with just a 9ms delay - again, that's an end to end delay. And on all other coding types, for example MPEG and AAC types, STL-IP's delay matches the theoretical minimum as specified by the standards themselves. Of course you can add jitter/safety buffers where needed... but again, our approach is honest here too... STL-IP products are designed to be used with a zero jitter buffer on most reasonable networks and our delay figures quoted are those that we expect you to actually achieve. Ask us if you have particular needs or want to understand what's possible!

The short version

AudioTX STL-IP provides the perfect solution for audio over IP - whether you need an IP based STL (Studio Transmitter Link), or to distribute shared programming over networks, connect studios, replace conventional permanent audio circuits or even for ad-hoc connectivity like Outside Broadcasts/Remotes. It works over existing private networks like LANs and WANs, Telco networks, Private leased lines like T1/E1, MPLS, Wireless networks (both professional and WiFi), Mobile networks like 3G/4G and others, Satellite and even the Internet.

Professional balanced audio connections and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs are provided on XLR connectors and, where required, the system can accept an external wordclock signal, or sync to an external digital signal. AudioTX STL-IP also allows for the transmission of ancillary serial data and/or contact closures (GPIO) alongside and in perfect sync with your audio.

A single unit can simultaneously transmit your audio to up to 66 different 'connections' and receive audio from multiple locations as backup sources independently of the sent audio. Each 'connection' can be independently set to use TCP/IP, UDP or UDP Multicast networking - sending audio to an unlimited number of receiving units. Mono or Stereo audio can be sent in Linear (uncompressed) mode at up to 24bit, 96kHz, or using MPEG Layer 2 and MPEG Layer 3 coding, J.41, DAT12, ADPCM or extra Low-Bitrate speech modes. Plus AAC, AAC Low-Delay and HE-AAC v2 (AACPlus) with the optional AAC Codec Pack which allows you to send Stereo audio from just 14kbps! and there's also professional grade OPUS and lossless FLAC available too. You can also choose Enhanced APTx coding with the optional APTx Codec Pack.

Two grades of switchable FEC (forward error correction) and adjustable network jitter buffers allow the system to function perfectly even on busy and difficult network connections

AudioTX STL-IP is configured via a standard web-browser on the network - settings can of course be password protected. Once configured, your connections will be maintained... in the case of network failure or power loss, the system will reconnect when network connectivity or power returns. A simple, text-based Telnet-like remote interface allows for easy integration with other existing management/scheduling systems, plus there are alerts via SNMP and/or email, included quick monitoring software and local hardware status outputs on the device.

The STL-IP-8 and STL-IP-16 units have multiple inputs and outputs (16 inputs and outputs in a single unit for the STL-IP-16 and 8 inputs and outputs on the STL-IP-8) and these are perfect for larger scale installations and projects, or just where you need to send and receive multiple channels of audio.

The STL-IP Connect software is designed for news/sports reports, remotes/outside broadcasts and the like and provides a consistently reliable solution, far superior to the more generic and mobile phone based applications currently offered, in terms of audio quality, reliability and low delay.


... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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